yiwen song

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University of California, Berkeley - June 2016

Computer Science, B.A.
Major GPA: 3.739

Work Experience

Deploy Team at Stripe (Apr 2019 - Present)

San Francisco, CA

Release Engineering at Yelp (Nov 2017 - Apr 2019)

San Francisco, CA

Trading and Data at Old Mission Capital (Aug 2016 - May 2017)

Chicago, IL

Trading Intern at Old Mission Capital (Jun 2015 - Aug 2015)


GPU Compression


Poker AI

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Interests: Change management, system reliability, developer productivity tooling
Languages: Python, React (which is Javascript, I guess), Golang, Psuedocode, fish, Mandarin
Skills: INDEX-MATCH fiend, Vim Connoiseur, Nash Equilibrium Hobbyist, "sudo rm -rf /" Frequent User
Intangibles: Clicks buttons really fast, reads the manual

Literally just SEO terms that vaguely relate to my work: Cloud computing, devops, dev-ops, design, software engineering, software developer, infrastructure, SRE, reliability engineering, docker, containers, kuberenetes, AWS, amazon web services, s3, EC2, google cloud platform, gcp, puppet, terraform, services, continous deployment, continuous integration, CI, CD, CI/CD, Jenkins, build, test execution, test infrastructure, developer tooling, tox, make, bazel, UI, UX, web developer, web development, web dev, SaaS, PaaS, backend, development to production, DNS, load balancer, Travis, Chef, postgres, mysql, mongodb, database management, migrations